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“NHL Insider” Suggests Strangest Trade For Taylor Hall

One scribe from the Boston Globe threw out a trade scenario between the New Jersey Devils and Vancouver Canucks and it’s insane.

There are always going to be bad ideas when it comes to making trades in any professional sport. In fact, it’s the notion that good trade scenarios or suggestions and bad ones give life to a website like this. Trades are, after all, insanely fun to talk about. But, sometimes you just gotta shake your head at what gets thrown out there.

On Tuesday, NHL fans were hit with a doozy as Boston Globe reporter Kevin Paul Dupont actually wrote the following:

If you’re the Canucks, with understanding you could sign Hall to a extension, would you give up Hughes or Pettersson in trade?

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Dupont’s tweets get on average between about two and 20 comments. This one clearly got the attention of hockey fans in multiple cities, likely Vancouver more than most as it has around 700 or so comments as of early Wednesday morning. Most of them comments, rightfully so, are wondering what Dupont is smoking?

What Dupont Actually Suggesting This?

I’m not sure if his tweet was suggesting he thought trading one of Pettersson or Hughes for a signed Taylor Hall was a good idea from a Canuck’s standpoint, but a lot of people took it that way. It’s hard to blame them considering it sounds a little like he’s trying to nudge forward the idea.

The consensus is a big fat ‘No’. Between Quinn Hughes being a sure-fire stud on the blue line to Elias Pettersson being one of the most dynamic players in the NHL already, moving one of those two players for a left-winger with one really strong season but who is also half-a-decade older and a little injury-prone is lunacy. And, this is coming from someone who likes Hall and would like to see the Edmonton Oilers (my local team) take a shot at him.

What do you think? I can’t imagine there’s actually anything to this trade. It’s not even a rumor so much as it is an idea — one that’s way off base.

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