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NHL Focused On An 82-Game Season For Next Year

Despite any other changes, Bill Daly has said that the most important thing for the NHL is to get all 82 games in next season.

The panelists on TSN’s Insider Trading noted that of all the things that could change, the priority of the NHL is that next season, the league must get in all 82 games.

Pierre LeBrun explained NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said twice on this podcast that “having a full year next year is really the starting point that the NHL looks at before looking at all other scenarios.”

LeBruin said he circled back to Daly asking if August/September playoffs and then a regular season that starts as late as November is still possible. Daly said those scenarios are very possible and that the NHL could go with a condensed play schedule/calendar, but all 82 games must get in.

It can be delayed, the All-Star Game can be cancelled and other things moved to ensure all NHL teams get their games in.

What About The Current NHL Season?

There are other decisions that need to be made this season if all 82 games don’t get played. Expansion draft considerations, trade conditions and more are all things the NHL is currently looking at and realizing, these are problematic issues for teams.

Frank Seravalli named the James Neal and Milan Lucic as a deal the NHL is closely looking at. It’s a deal where a third-round pick was part of the considerations and the league is trying to figure out if prorating the season is the right move to make or not. Either way, teams will be upset.

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