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Could NHL “Pause” Affect Seattle Expansion? Team Name Delayed

Scott Charles of NBC Sports reports that there are some changes coming as it pertains to the new NHL team out Seattle.

Scott Charles of NBC Sports reports that there are some changes coming as it pertains to the new NHL team out Seattle.

First, via the Sports Business Journal, the unveiling of the team name for the Seattle club will be pushed back. Seattle’s original plan had been to release the name of the new franchise sometime in April, but with all that is happening in sports and with the NHL on pause, uncertain about how games will unfold going forward, that appears to be on hold for now.

He writes:

“NHL Seattle will not unveil the team’s new name this month because of sensitivities related to the coronavirus pandemic. The club entered this year hoping to have the name selected and ready for release in Q1, but those plans are being pushed back,” Burns wrote on Wednesday.

Second, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun noted that he asked about what this NHL suspension might mean in terms of how the the league approaches plans for the expansion and the draft. Is it possible that all of this could affect when the expansion team comes in?

LeBrun noted, “followed up today, status quo regarding the Seattle expansion calendar. NHL source says nothing has changed at this point regarding Seattle timeline.”

That’s the good news, but as delays go on longer and longer, and there are potential adjustments to next season, it’s hard to know if things will change at all.

The expansion draft is slated to be in about 15 months. All of this should sort itself out by then. … We hope.

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