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NHL Considering Holding Virtual Entry Draft

The NHL is considering holding a virtual Entry Draft and is watching how the NFL does theirs closely this week.

While the original plan seemed to be holding off on the NHL Entry Draft until later this summer, there is growing concern that a long delay could pose problems for the league, the draftees, and the teams, should the delay be substantial. So too, with the NFL holding their virutal draft this week, the NHL will get a good look at how their’s might go.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun is reporting that word today from NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly is that the league is considering a virtual format for their NHL Draft and holding it on the original date. If the NFL Draft goes smoothly this weekend, the NHL will feel much more confident to hold one too, potentially easing the stress on drafted players, teams, and other issues that go along with holding the draft much later in the year.

That said, keeping the draft as is would still create problems for the league.

Holding an NHL Draft in June would essentially mean the league would either be scrapping the season or trying to figure out a fair way to have teams compete after draft positions had already been determined. Changes in the standings would affect where teams would have been slotted for the draft.

Holding the draft would also eliminate trades unless the NHL opened up a window. But, there would be rules about who could be traded and if acquired players could play this year should games resume. Presumably, they would not be eligible and teams who move players would then not have those assets for a playoff run.

It’s not an easy decision but it is something the NHL is considering.

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