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NHL Analyst Calls McDavid’s Unprecedented Feat a “Killer” Quality

NHL analyst Mike Rupp pointed out an interesting quality about Connor McDavid’s season, noting it’s an assassin like trait no one else has.

NHL analyst and former player Mike Rupp was on the Jim Rome Show this week and talked about Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers and how they are a favorite to win the Stanley Cup. One of the things Rupp pointed to, as many often do, was the play of Connor McDavid. But, Rupp also pointed out something many have overlooked.

Saying that McDavid is one of the few people to drop his production on a major statistic in half and still be one of the most effective players in the league. Rupp pointed out that McDavid went from 64 goals last season to 32 this season and no one batted an eye. If any other NHL star had dropped their production in a major statistical category like goals scored, people would be asking what’s wrong. Instead, McDavid went out and posted 100 assists in the same season. That feat made him (at the time) only the fourth person in NHL history to do so.

Nikita Kucherov wound up doing so in the same season, but the point was obvious — McDavid chose to change the way he played the game and he was still among the most successful players in the NHL, keeping his name in the conversation for MVP. McDavid even joked at one point that he might never shoot again. The Oilers, during his stretch were among the best teams in hockey and fought back from the dead at the start of the season to ease their way into the playoffs.

McDavid Chose To Score Less

As incredible is the fact McDavid simply chose not to score as much. There have been times that players have seen their goal-scoring drop, but it’s not intentional. When players score less, it’s because they can’t score more. When McDavid chose to score 64, he made a conscious effort to do so on the heels of a taunt from teammate Leon Draisaitl. At the time, Draisaitl claimed there was no reason McDavid shouldn’t be a regular 50-goal scorer. McDavid went out and scored 64 the very next season.

McDavid day to day injury Oilers

It’s fair to argue that McDavid should shoot more. There are times in games where he might be thinking pass too often. But, it’s clear he’s decided that he’s better suited and the team is better off with him as a playmaker. The fact he can change his game that rapidly at will makes him special.

Rupp said, “I just think this guy, he’s got the Jordan in him. He’s got the Kobe in him.” He added, “He’s a hired assassin and that’s how he approaches the playoffs.”

It’s hard to bet against a guy like that.

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