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Next Something Else To Wrestle With Will Focus on AJ Styles in TNA

Something Else to Wrestle With and WWE Network trying to get video footage from AJ Styles run in TNA.

While this week’s episode of Something Else to Wrestle With was delayed due to creative differences, it doesn’t mean WWE, Bruce Prichard, and Conrad Thompson are done coming up with ideas for new content. As revealed by Sports Illustrated, next week’s show is scheduled to be about AJ Styles and his run in TNA Impact. That might not be a big deal for a radio podcast, but on video, where WWE uses a lot of in-ring footage to accentuate the visuals, that could be tricky since they don’t own the library of Style’s matches in TNA.

Conrad spoke of the plan when he said, “We’re going to cover from October 2010, which is right when Bruce came into the company, and we’ll carry it right to July of 2013… AJ was a TNA original, so when he parted ways with TNA in 2013, history changed forever. That exodus, with AJ leaving, started an immediate sharp decline in TNA.”

The episode will cover everything from his matches, storylines, his relationship with Claire Lynch & Dixie Carter and his 2013 World Heavyweight Title run. They’ll look at his work with Ric Flair and the hope is that all of that will come with video footage WWE can use.

“That’s the plan,” said Thompson. “I know that WWE is trying to make a deal to license some of that footage, so we’ve got our fingers crossed. I think that deal would be good for everyone if such a deal were put together, but we’ll see.”

This is a good sign considering it means WWE and Anthem Sports are working to create partnerships to share footage which is a win for wrestling fans. It’s also good news that Thompson and Prichard aren’t letting the hiccup that is the ECW show delay affect their future videocasts on the WWE Network. A loss of that show would have been a real shame.

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