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New Rules Potentially Introduced if NHL Resumes Play

There is talk about the actual game play and what the action might look like if things do get back underway.

While the NHL refuses to rule out the idea that the regular season is over or that playoffs may still be a ways away, there is talk about the actual game play and what the action might look like if things do get back underway.

Ryan Rishaug of TSN has reported that there is discussion around what the NHL might do with the rules, the equipment and the guidelines players must adhere to if the NHL returns to action. Some of these rules may drastically affect the game, while others might not make much difference.

Among some the ideas a medical expert tossed out there, the NHL would introduce full face shields, not allow fighting, eliminate scrums after whistles, and force coaches to social distance themselves while wearing face masks. Wingers would have to maintain two feet of distance on faceoffs, and there would be no spitting on the ice or the bench (not sure how the referees would catch all of that).

When asked about these possible tweaks or rule changes, NHL Deputy Commissioner said the NHL was open to anything if it was recommended to them by infectious disease experts. He just didn’t get the impression many of these changes would be necessary.

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun also spoke with Daly and asked if the league was any closer to finalizing some of the details regarding a return to play. Asking if there was a date, any formats for playoffs or a June draft, Daly said nothing had been officially decided. He also cautioned:

“I’d be careful about cementing anything in your mind at this point. I think, you know, there’s been a lot of discussion about a lot of different formats. A lot of different variations. Because we haven’t made any decisions.

What Is the NHL Saying?

For now, the NHL is still working on finalizing Phase 2 and isn’t prepared to comment on anything yet. The most anyone would do what Gary Bettman who shot down rumors the NHL had actually decided to move on from a regular season and just focus on playoffs. Bettman said that was not the case and if at all possible, the NHL wants to finish it’s season and fairly slot teams for a run to the Stanley Cup — a trophy the league plans to award, even if it takes all summer and more to do so.

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