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Bruins Might Be Shifting Directions on Jake DeBrusk [Report]

The Boston Bruins might be reevaluating the idea of trading Jake DeBrusk. That said, what is he worth and what kind of deal will he take?

If a report from NBC Sports Boston’s DJ Bean is accurate, it appears the Boston Bruins may be reevaluating the idea of trading forward Jake DeBrusk. A player whose name has been in the trade rumor mill dating all the way back to the NHL draft (perhaps even further), speculation surrounds his future with the team.

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While a lot of RFA’s have not signed with their respective teams and it’s likely due to the flat salary cap, DeBrusk’s situation in Boston could be unique since the player’s name has been brought up in trade talks in the past. Bean mentions that, as an RFA, the Bruins aren’t sure if trading him or signing him long-term is the better play. And, because the Bruins were rumored to want to make a splash in free agency and haven’t yet done so, the team needs to clear room to do whatever it is they are speculated to be wanting to do.

Bean writes there’s some doubt as to which direction the Bruins are actually leaning. He explains:

If the Bruins were serious about making a big splash this offseason, DeBrusk would have been one of their best chips, but perhaps they aren’t.

So if DeBrusk isn’t a trade chip, what is he, and for how much? The Bruins signed right wing Craig Smith to provide some desperately needed help at the position, leaving DeBrusk to probably remain Boston’s second-line left wing.

Jake DeBrusk Boston Bruins
Jake DeBrusk Boston Bruins

What if the Bruins Choose to Keep DeBrusk?

If the Bruins are leaning at re-signing DeBrusk, they’re hoping to stay around the $4 million per season range and likely on a short-term deal. That’s probably the best option because, as Bean notes, the Bruins would like a four-year at around $4.5 million per season, but doubt DeBrusk would take it.

A short-term deal works for both sides. If DeBrusk can show he’s more than a 20-goal guy, he’ll eventually get his money. At the same time, the Bruins will know what they have.

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