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McDavid’s All-Star Pick of Boone Jenner Fuels Oilers Trade Buzz

It is just a coincidence that McDavid went off the board during All-Star draft and made sure Boone Jenner was on his team?

Let me first say, there is nothing I can find linking the Edmonton Oilers and Columbus Blue Jackets in trade talks regarding forward Boone Jenner. Still, I can’t help but wonder what several fans online were wondering when they saw Connor McDavid go slightly off the board during the NHL All-Star draft. He seemed to go out of his way to select Jenner for his team. Is there more to this than just an early and interesting selection? What’s the trade buzz? Was McDavid trying to send a subtle message?

During the NHL All-Star Game Draft, McDavid’s strategic choice of Jenner has sparked significant trade speculation within the Oilers’ fan base. Many were intrigued by the unexpected selection, and are having fun with discussions on social media. Some are exploring the potential fit of Jenner with the Edmonton Oilers. As is customary for this time of year, trade chatter is everywhere. Much of what gets said, however, is nowhere near what actually takes place.

Still, Jenner is an interesting name to watch out of Columbus.

Could Boone Jenner Be a Surprising Trade Target at the Deadline?

Jenner, currently under contract with the Blue Jackets, comes with a reasonable $3.75 million cap hit for the current season and the next two years. He’s got 13 goals and 5 assists in 35 games as their first-line center. He scored two goals during the All-Star game, and clearly, McDavid seems to like the forward. He could be an enticing option for the Oilers’ third line.

Boone Jenner Edmonton Oilers trade talk

The Blue Jackets, finding themselves outside playoff contention, now see Jenner as a potential trade asset leading up to the deadline. It’s not clear how open they are to moving him, but if Jenner is available, this is a player the Oilers might look at. In fact, should the Blue Jackets be open to retaining salary, Jenner is someone the Oilers might pay a premium for because he’s locked into another year on his deal. Was the All-Star game a chemistry test?

Rumors circulate not only about Jenner but also involve the Oilers expressing interest in Adam Boqvist. That opens up the window for a broader trade discussion between the two teams.

Insider Suggests Oilers Will Be Buyers at the Deadline

No official confirmation of a Jenner trade to Edmonton exists. Still, fans are connecting the dots, fueled by TSN’s Chris Johnston’s anticipation of active trade pursuits by the Oilers in the coming weeks.

Considering the tight salary cap situation for the Oilers, Holland would have to negotiate with the Blue Jackets to retain a portion of Jenner’s $3.75 million cap hit. But, the Blue Jackets have been known to make some head-scratching deals in the past. Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to rumors surrounding that team. If the Oilers do spend big, a trade with the Blue Jackets might not be the worst idea.

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