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McDavid Scores Easy Goal-of-the-Year vs. Rangers On Historic Night

Connor McDavid scored what will be the NHL goal of the year on Friday vs. the New York Rangers, going through four players to tie the game.

Connor McDavid continues to do Connor McDavid-type things. When asked where he ranks the goal he scored to tie the game on Friday night versus the New York Rangers, McDavid was humble and downplayed things. “It was a nice goal, but I’ve scored some nice ones in my career.” He called it his job to score big goals and what he gets paid to do.

And score a big goal he did.

With the Oilers down 5-4, the team hadn’t played their best hockey for a full 60 minutes. There were times the Oilers were dominant, but also times they’d gotten a bit loose and the Rangers made them pay. Edmonton found themselves down 4-1 in the second period and down 4-2 heading into the third. Quick goals tied the game but Mike Zibanejad put what felt like a dagger past Mikko Koskinen in the third. Then McDavid went to work.

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The play was the result of a near offside. McDavid wasn’t able to hold the puck in and had to retreat and wait for his teammates to get back onside. While the Rangers were a bit stuck on what to do, McDavid said he saw an opening on a weird play where he was a bit ticked at himself for not holding the zone. He decided he would try to pick his way through since there wasn’t much time left in the contest.

It was a massive goal and it happened on a night where a ton of Oilers alumni were in the building to celebrate the jersey retirement of franchise-great Kevin Lowe. It was a game that felt a lot like an old Oilers win from the 80s. Edmonton and New York simply tried to outscore each other and the Oilers came out on top, winning the game in overtime on a Leon Draisaitl snipe.

As for McDavid’s goal, the rest of the team just marveled at what a beauty it was. Zach Hyman said it was the best goal he’d ever seen. Jesse Puljujarvi called it “funny”, which was his way of saying he just can’t believe what McDavid is able to do. Head coach Dave Tippett said there are certain guys you trust to make that play at that moment in the game and said McDavid is pretty good at stick handling, suggesting who is he to question the captain’s decision?

You can see the goal below. There’s no doubt it’s the best goal of the season and it’s hard to imagine another marker tops it this season. No matter who else scores and in what fashion, this might be one of the best goals in the last decade.

This was an incredible night for Oilers fans. Kevin Lowe’s jersey number goes up in the rafters, the Oilers come back from three goals down to win a game in overtime and McDavid scores one of the nicest goals in the history of the game. What more can you ask for?



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