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Mark Scheifele and Jets Have Appetite for Change [Report]

If the Winnipeg Jets don’t make a playoff run, there’s an appetite to make changes to the roster, and Mark Scheifele could be among them.

Unless the Winnipeg Jets make a miraculous run in this year’s playoffs (there’s no guarantee they even get in), the writing is on the wall that big change is coming. Darren Dreger noted during a recent TNS 1050 interview that missing the playoffs could lead to a coaching change, but also to big roster changes, the biggest of which could be a trade that sends forward Mark Scheifele elsewhere.

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During his segment on TSN 1050, Dreger wasn’t sure exactly what kind of changes might be coming to the Jets organization, but he noted they could be significant. He didn’t think the Jets wanted to move Pierre-Luc Dubois and he felt like Blake Wheeler’s contract would be a tough move. The big change could come when it pertains to Mark Scheifele who could be the guy who goes because not only would he fetch a strong return, but there is rumored to be an “appetite for change.”

Mark Scheifele Winnipeg Jets trade
Mark Scheifele Winnipeg Jets trade rumors

Jamie McLennan was also part of the discussion and suggested that even if the Jets get into the playoffs, they would likely need to win at least one round before the team decided not to make big changes this offseason. He said, “It just makes sense to change the dynamic of what this team looks like.” Dreger agreed and said he didn’t think the team will look the same next season.

What Would a Mark Scheifele Trade Look Like?

The key for the Jets in any Scheifele deal is getting back a player that can help now. This is not a team set to go through a big rebuild. Instead, this would be a trade that is often rare in the NHL where one star is traded for another, or two or three significant pieces are coming from another club, but includes a player that can contribute to the Jets lineup immediately.

Scheifele has two more seasons on his current contract at a cap hit of $6.125 million. That’s not a bad number for the production he provides but a team has to be open to the fact that his defense is questionable.

Could a team with some cap space try to make a play here? The Montreal Canadiens could be an interesting option considering GM Kent Hughes has said he’s looking to make a splash this summer and is open to making changes to his roster as well.

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