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Maple Leafs Consideration: Why Would Coyotes Trade Chychrun?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are rumored to be interested in Jakob Chychrun. So? Why would the Arizona Coyotes want to trade him?

There’s one question I want to ask that seems to be missed in my reading. It’s this. If Jakob Chychrun is so good; and, on such a good contract; and, is such an impact player, why would the Arizona Coyotes want to trade him?

At some point, even if you could get lots of prospects and draft choices for him, why? Isn’t it highly speculative that you’d get what he’s worth – that is if he’s so darn good?

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There Are (I Suppose) Reasons Why the Coyotes Might Want to Move Him

I suppose there might be some reasons why a team would consider trading a talented young defenseman like Chychrun. One possible reason could be financial. We know that the Coyotes have faced financial struggles in recent years. They might be looking to cut costs in any way possible.

Jakob Chychrun Toronto Maple Leafs
Jakob Chychrun Toronto Maple Leafs’ rumors

Another second reason could be that the Coyotes see an opportunity to get a significant return for Chychrun, perhaps in the form of draft picks, prospects, or other players who could help the team over the long term. Perhaps they see him as a necessary pawn in their moves for a complete rebuild.

Why Is He Not Gone Yet?

However, it’s important to note that, even if the Coyotes are willing to trade Chychrun, they will likely be looking for a significant return in any trade they make. Everything we see says that Chychrun is a talented young defenseman with a favorable contract. Therefore, any team interested in acquiring him will need to be willing to pay a steep price.

I would guess that one reason Chychrun hasn’t been moved is that the Coyotes – as they should I think – are playing team against team. It that’s the case, they’re likely looking to find the one team that would “overspend” for his services. They have started by asking for the moon.

Might This Mean That Chychrun Might Stay in Arizona?

My guess is that the Coyotes are playing the hardest of hardball with other teams. They’ll wait until they get something overwhelming before they take the swing on a trade. That might also mean that the Coyotes will trade him – but, only if. Only if another team comes up with the “right price.”

And, if that “right price” doesn’t come, perhaps the Coyotes won’t move him at all. Or, perhaps they’ll wait until the draft. Perhaps there they could expand the number of teams that might wish to go all-in on the gifted defenseman. The draft would include both teams that make the playoffs this season and teams that will not. The more teams in the hunt the better if you’re the Coyotes.

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Whatever Happens, Chychrun Will Generate Interest

There’s no doubt that Chychrun would generate significant interest from several teams. However, similar to all trades, it’s important to note the number of complex variables at play when it comes to making any potential trade.

Right now, the Coyotes probably have some offers on the table. However, as the March 3 trade deadline approaches, they’ll likely get more. That said, it’s impossible to predict with certainty what kind of return the Coyotes would get for Chychrun.

Ultimately, any team who wants him would have to carefully weigh the potential benefits against the risks and the cost of acquiring him in the first place. It’s possible that the Coyotes could bring back a significant return if they traded him. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to trading players in the NHL.

The Bottom Line Is that the Coyotes Probably Also Want Chychryn

Unless there’s something we can’t see from the outside; and, assuming everything is copasetic about the trade – nothing is hidden – the Coyotes also would want to keep Chyrhcun. They too must weigh the risks and benefits of moving him for whatever they’re offered. They could say No!

Ultimately, the reasons behind a potential trade involving Chychrun might not be completely clear from the outside. However, any team that considers bringing him on board must carefully weigh the possible benefits and risks of the trade before making a final decision.

That includes the Coyotes.

The next question I have is: what does this all feel like if you’re Jakob Chychrun?




  1. gfinale

    February 17, 2023 at 12:55 am

    I haven’t been watching Chychrun’s career but apparently he’s often injured. So, there’s that, I guess. Along with it, teams need to wonder if the Coyotes have inside knowledge about that.

    • Andrew

      February 17, 2023 at 5:32 am

      I believe he asked for a trade last year as he is interested in playing for a more stable and competitive team but got injured before the deadline. Coyotes are willing to move him for the right price but are under no pressure to do so. They seem to be waiting for teams to get desperate enough to pay the kings ransom of a first round pick, a first round prospect and another pick or player. If they don’t get what they are asking they are under pressure to trade him. As stated in the article he is a good player when healthy and on a good contract. Leafs should walk away.

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