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Maple Leafs Quick Hits: Shane Doan Shares His Thoughts

Shane Doan is the Toronto Maple Leafs new assistant to GM Brad Treliving. What does he think about topics surrounding the team?

In this post, I’m going to highlight what the new Toronto Maple Leafs’ special advisor to the general manager (GM) Brad Treliving has to say about a number of topics. These include his thoughts about new Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving’s leadership style and his relationship with superstar forward Auston Matthews.

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Three Key Points That Doan Makes

In a recent interview (seen in the attached video), Doan, the new Maple Leafs’ new hire who will assist Treliving as the GM, shared his insights about Treliving’s leadership, Matthews’ growth, and the importance of solid relationships within the organization.

Quick Hit One: Doan on Treliving’s Leadership Style

Doan emphasized that Treliving possesses a unique leadership style. He allows individuals to have a voice while maintaining his clear leadership. According to Doan, Treliving genuinely cares about people and their relationships. He believes that’s crucial in effective management.

Brad Treliving Toronto Maple Leafs
Brad Treliving Toronto Maple Leafs

Doan noted that, by understanding human nature and fostering positive relationships, Treliving creates an environment that provides opportunities for success. This approach boosts morale and also enhances the team’s chances of winning.

Quick Hit Two: Doan on His Relationship with Auston Matthews

Doan reflected on Auston Matthews’ admiration for him during his early years in the game. He described his current relationship with Matthews as positive, enjoyable, and full of admiration. Doan lauded Matthews’ exceptional career, highlighting the unique circumstances he faced as the first overall pick in the world’s largest hockey market.

Doan was clear that, despite the pressures that he faces in Toronto, Matthews has handled himself incredibly well. Their relationship has grown over time, with Doan even mentioning how Matthews had skated with him since he was only a lad of 16 years of age.

The bond between the two players – the elder Doan and the younger Matthews – demonstrates the importance of mentorship and support within the organization.

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Quick Hit Three: Doan on the Importance of Strong Relationships in General

Doan clearly recognized the significance of building strong relationships within the team. His connection with Matthews exemplifies the positive impact such relationships can have. By offering guidance, support, and a safe space for development, Doan believes that players can flourish and reach their full potential.

The mutual respect and understanding between Doan and Matthews have contributed to a healthy working dynamic, which includes fostering a positive team culture and environment.

The Video Included Below

The Bottom Line

Doan’s insights shed light on three essential aspects of the Maple Leafs’ organization. These included Treliving’s effective leadership style and the strong relationship between Doan and Auston Matthews. It was interesting to see how he believed Treliving’s ability to balance authority and open communication helped foster a winning environment.

Auston Matthews injured Maple Leafs
Auston Matthews injured Maple Leafs

At the same time, Doan hopes that the mentorship and support he’s provided Matthews has positively influenced the young star’s growth and success. Ultimately, Doan believed these factors will continue to contribute to the team’s overall cohesion and potential for future achievements.

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  1. Al Mac

    June 10, 2023 at 12:54 am

    Let’s not forget about the Knies connection. In any case, hiring Doan seems a very shrewd move.

  2. Jon Harding

    June 10, 2023 at 5:52 am

    Now … let’s talk about Tavares handing over the C too ….

    • gfinale

      June 10, 2023 at 8:22 am

      I think no Dubas is finally gone and with the acquisition of a key player of the right qualities, it would be an excellent time to wrestle away that C from Tavares. It doesn’t need to be negative though, more a passing of the torch or that Tavares has done it enough and would rather concentrate on his game and life. Tavares is a good player, probably superstar status but not elite and especially not anymore. He also just doesn’t possess the qualities of a leader and captain, especially when the going gets tough. That’s not your charge into battle, leading the troops warrior needed. I highly doubt Matthews is either, although he’s a bit closer. Nobody else on the team comes close except the newer, 10 or less minute a game players which is no good.

  3. gfinale

    June 10, 2023 at 8:06 am

    Although some articles would like to make it out as Doan being assistant GM, his real and official title at this point as announced by the NHL and Leafs is Special Advisor to General Manager. Let’s keep in mind that Doan has never been a NHL, AHL or even OHL GM or even assistant GM. The only time he has been a GM of any note was the volunteer world stuff and I think Canada ended up 6th that time. It’s great to have him on board but he’s an advisor to the GM after getting experience in NHL hockey operations for some years. No, GM and hockey operations are not the same thing. That’s why they have different titles.

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