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Maple Leafs Mark Giordano: Proud To Be NHL’s Oldest Player

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mark Giordano has been a star defenseman for many years. What new mark will he hit this season?

As the 2023-24 NHL season unfolds, there’s one player on the Toronto Maple Leafs who carries a unique distinction. That’s Mark Giordano. And, this season with the retirement of goalie Craig Anderson, he’ll be the oldest player in the NHL. In fact, he’ll be approaching the age of 40 in just a couple of weeks. As you can hear, that makes him proud. He wanted to play into his 40s, and now he will be able to do so.

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Giordano Reflects on His NHL Journey

In the video below, Giordano reflects on his journey as a veteran in the NHL. He talks about why he takes pride in his remarkable achievement.

Giordano’s experience in the NHL has granted him valuable insights into the evolving nature of professional hockey. He recalls his early days in the NHL, where the speed and intensity of play left a lasting impression.

In the video, he notes, “I do remember the thought of how much faster and quicker things happen.” He was really impressed by the stark contrast between the NHL and other levels of professional hockey play.

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Giordano Wanted to Play Into His 40s, and He Will Soon

For Giordano, reaching this milestone of being the oldest player in the NHL is a source of pride. He had set a personal goal of playing well into his 40s, and that goal is on the verge of becoming a reality. While some might view being the oldest in the league from a more negative angle, Giordano prefers to see it in a positive light.

Mark Giordano Leafs extension
Mark Giordano Maple Leafs defenseman

Although his play and his stamina are not as robust as they once were, as he tells it age is just a number for Giordano. He feels confident in his ability to continue to contribute to his team’s success. The accomplishment of being the oldest player is significant, but it’s the impact he can still make on the ice is what mostly matters to him. Giordano remains dedicated to playing at a high level and helping his team reach its goals.

The Bottom Line

This season Giordano will embrace his dual role with the Maple Leafs as both a player and a mentor. In both aspects, he’s realizing a source of pride. Still able to play well, if not for the same kind of minutes, remains important to him. In his day, he was an amazing defenseman and won a Norris Trophy. He’s still good and improves the game of every young defenseman who plays with him.

While he’s no longer that same player, he still brings dedication, perseverance, passion, and strong play to the Maple Leafs lineup. When his career is completed, he’ll be able to look back and see what a successful career he’s had in professional hockey.

Considering that he was an undrafted defenseman, his rise to the top of the NHL has been an amazing journey.


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