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Maple Leafs Fans Criticize John Tavares for Brutal Overtime Effort

John Tavares is facing criticism on Sunday after a terrible play in overtime on Saturday versus the Bruins that cost the Maple Leafs the game.

Yikes. In the aftermath of Saturday night’s 4-3 overtime loss to the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs’ captain John Tavares is facing a barrage of criticism from disappointed fans. The defeat marked a departure from the team’s trend of narrowly winning games in overtime or shootouts, and Tavares is now under scrutiny for his perceived lack of effort during a crucial moment in the extra period.

As a number of fans pointed out, it’s not a good look for the captain. In fact, it’s pretty awful.

As Tavares skated into the offensive zone, the turning point came when the puck was turned over by a falling William Nylander. Instead of aggressively pursuing the play, Tavares stood on the blue line for a few crucial seconds before slowly retreating into his own zone. This lack of urgency wasn’t why David Pastrnak got a shot on a breakaway, but it could have been why Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins was left alone in front to seize an opportunity. Marchand scored an uncontested rebound and securing the victory.

While some sympathizers argue that Tavares may have been exhausted, the majority of fans are frustrated. It’s being perceived as a lack of commitment to the defensive effort. One critic expressed their disappointment, stating, “John Tavares should be stripped of his Captain ‘C’ for that defensive effort.” Another fan went further, branding Tavares as the “poster boy for ‘Apathy'” and asserting that he is the “worst Leafs Captain ever” with no leadership ability.

John Tavares backcheck overtime

Tavares Is Going to Hear About This Terrible Play For Some Time

The sentiment online echoes the disappointment felt by Maple Leafs supporters. They had hoped for a different outcome in a closely contested game. Tavares now finds himself at the center of fan frustration, since he’s why the team lost in overtime. Now, questions surround his suitability as the team’s captain in the wake of this tough loss.

Fans will remember this if this winds up being a turning point in the season where the Leafs lose a few in a row. Tavares can only hope the Maple Leafs rebound and put some decisive wins together. It will be easier lack of hustle to overlook.

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