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Maple Leafs’ Jack Campbell Apparently Ignored by US Olympic Team

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jack Campbell is having a great season and could be the NHL’s top goalie. Why won’t he be on the USA Olympic team?

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ starting goalie Jack Campbell has had a great season. In fact, he’s been statistically the NHL’s best goalie for most of this season. Right now, he’s tied for the NHL lead in goalie wins with 15 and save percentage with a .937. He’s also third with a 1.94 goals-against-average.

Campbell has been really good, but does the US Olympic team know that?

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How Does Campbell Get Left Off a “Long List?”

On Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Faceoff, Frank Seravalli noted that because Campbell wasn’t placed on Team USA’s “long list” back in October he won’t be eligible to represent his home country at the Beijing Olympics – should the NHL players even travel to play. And, that possibility is getting less certain every day as the new omicron variant is creating the need for new travel bans and shutdowns.

Even if the NHL players do not suit up for their countries in China, it seems a shame that Campbell’s name isn’t even on the list. If there is play, and Seravalli is correct, Campbell will be watching it from his living room. [He probably could use, but doesn’t want, the break. That’s not his way.]

Why Campbell Deserves to Be Considered

Here are seven reasons why Campbell deserves to be considered for Team USA.

  1. He’s playing lights-out hockey. He’s probably going to be a Vezina candidate at the end of the season.
  2. Campbell is carrying his team and allows them to free-wheel because they have confidence in him. He’d do the same for Team USA.
  3. Campbell is getting better every season. Since he came to the Maple Leafs during the 2019-20 season, his numbers have improved. They will likely continue to do so.
  4. He’d be a great representative for the team and on the team. Everyone likes him. He’s a class act. 
  5. He’s an encourager to other players. He’ll encourage everyone in front of him play better just not to let him down.
  6. Campbell would appreciate the opportunity. Some NHL stars are almost blaise about their experience and act as if the are entitled. Not Campbell. He’s a genuine person, and would share the experience well with others.
  7. If you’re going to pick a hero for your kids to emulate, mothers and fathers of future hockey players, you don’t have to go much further than Campbell.

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