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Despite Goaltending Questions, Maple Leafs Unlikely to Make Trade

The Toronto Maple Leafs are likely stuck with the goaltenders they have this season, even if there’s some concern it’s not enough.

Any time a team struggles, there will be questions. With five regulation losses in their last six games for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the NHL Trade Deadline not far off, there are plenty of them. Much of those questions revolve around the goaltending and whether or not it is good enough to help the team make a long playoff run.

James Mirtle takes a closer look at the Maple Leafs recent struggles and in an article for The Athletic notes there is some concern the goaltending isn’t going to get the job done. While he acknowledges that all of the team’s problems can’t be laid at the feet of the netminders, there are concerns about Andersen’s weaker playoff performance history and if he can steal games for the team if the defense isn’t up to snuff. While there are questions about Andersen’s track record, there are also concerns that backup Jack Campbell is good enough, but not healthy enough to play the role he was asked to play when traded for.

That leaves the Maple Leafs with two choices: Either stand pat and hope the goaltenders get healthy and play well, or try and make a trade before the trade deadline to improve at the goaltending position.

Frederik Andersen Toronto Maple Leafs
Frederik Andersen Toronto Maple Leafs trade rumors

Expect the Leafs To Stick With Standing Pat

As Mirtle points out, any trade for a goaltender will likely require the Maple Leafs move a goaltender. That’s an issue. The scribe explains:

Due to cap considerations, any move to add a starter would likely necessitate sending Andersen the other way. But can the Leafs survive for two weeks without a starter? And would the risk be worth the potential reward?

At this point, I would be very surprised to see Dubas pull the trigger on something like that.

Unless the Leafs make a trade within the North Division (and what goaltender will be available?), they’ll be forced to play without Andersen for a much longer period than they’d like. At this point, the Leafs don’t have much choice but to ride or die with the goaltenders they have.

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