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Multiple Maple Leafs Games Could Be Moved to Next Week [Report]

The Toronto Maple Leafs will have a handful of games moved to next week as a result of the scheduling change for the Canucks.

As per Chris Johnston of Sportsnet, expect to see multiple Maple Leafs games moved over the next week as “part of the domino effect of tomorrow’s scheduled visit to Vancouver being pushed back to Sunday.” Saturday’s Maple Leafs vs Canucks game has been postponed and things will all be shuffled down the line as a result.

John Shannon adds, “Maple Leafs pushing back on playing back to back in Vancouver at the beginning of the week… and back to back in Winnipeg at the end of the week.” That could equate to five games in seven days, which will, of course, get Maple Leafs fans all riled up since it’s a lot of hockey in a short period of time and they didn’t have an internal COVID issue.

This is the downside of ensuring each team plays an entire season.

Other teams have been affected by the Canucks scheduling issues as well. Friday’s game versus the Edmonton Oilers was postponed, meaning Edmonton will also have a ton of games in a short period of time. While it’s important to focus on the health issues of the players first, it’s also a bummer that this is just the way things are going to work as the NHL tries to figure out a way to get the Canucks all 56 of their games in, while also acknowledging that a return to play now might have been too presumptuous.

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