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Latest on Filip Forsberg’s Talks With the Predators

The Nashville Predators and Filip Forsberg’s camp continue to talk about a possible contract extension. Where are they at?

It’s unclear if the Nashville Predators and forward Filip Forsberg will ultimately get on the same page and work out the details of a new contract but the two sides are trying. While fighting for a playoff spot and hoping Forsberg is a key part of the team getting in and making a run, the Predators are working to get him signed.

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During the Hockey Night in Canada’s 32 Thoughts segment, Sportsnet’s insider Elliotte Friedman noted that Forsberg contract extension talks are still ongoing with the Predators. Friedman offered an update and noted that the latest news is that Forsberg’s agent, J.P. Barry recently sat down and talked face-to-face with Predators’ GM David Poille. Neither side is talking about what was said in the meeting or if an actual offer was tabled, but both sides are open to continuing talks and the fact neither side has shut negotiations down is good news. the fact the two sides are sitting down and trying to hash it out is a good sign.

Filip Forsberg Nashville Predators
Filip Forsberg Nashville Predators

It’s also not clear if the Preds will continue to talk or if either side will want to press pause on negotiations should they make the postseason.

Predators Can’t Lose Forsberg For Nothing

If conversations don’t amount to a new deal, expect the Predators to look at a trade around the NHL Entry Draft. The organization’s preference is to keep him, but what they can’t afford to do is lose him for nothing and let him walk into free agency with the Predators getting no return.

Fosberg doesn’t hold trade protection in his contract and for whatever team that might be interested in signing him to a long-term deal, trading for him first has value. They can offer an additional year to get to eight years and bring his annual average salary down.

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