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Report Confirms Laine Has Told Jets He’d Prefer a Trade Out of Winnipeg

Patrik Laine has not demanded a trade, but his agent have relayed the messaging that the forward would prefer to be traded by the Jets.


Pierre LeBrun spoke on TSN Insider Trading and addressed rumors that Patrik Laine may have informed the Winnipeg Jets that if he is not traded, he will not report to Jets camp for next season. LeBrun said he reached out to the team and sources close to the situation and got a response.

“I reached out to his representation, agents Andy Scott and Mike Liut to get some clarity and they absolutely denied that. Laine has not asked for a trade, he’s not threatening to not be at camp if he’s not dealt.” But, LeBrun did say this matter isn’t as simple as there being a false rumor floating around.

He goes on to explain that the agent made clear that Laine has heard his name in trade rumors throughout the offseason:

“It’s fair to say, that given Laine knows his name has been in trade discussion, as we’ve talked about here, and given that his usage in the lineup the last couple of years has been a constant topic of conversation, the fact that he doesn’t get consistent first-line minutes, his agents Mike Liut and Andy Scott do confirm that it probably would be mututally beneficial to both the player and to the team if Patrik Laine is traded.”

LeBrun goes on to add that GM Kevin Cheveldayoff knows this is how the player feels and Laine’s agents have relayed the messaging.

So, technically, Laine has not demanded or asked for a trade, but has told the team he thinks it’s better they move him. The team knows it and ultimately, there’s only one way this whole thing ends if Laine is this bothered.

Patrik Laine Jets

Cheveldayoff Will Move Laine in the Right Deal

LeBrun added that Cheveldayoff is looking at all of his options and will move Laine in the right deal. That said, he won’t just trade him for the sake of trading him. The question becomes, what is the right deal if it becomes clear Laine won’t re-sign without going to war with the organization come contract time?

LeBrun ended with, “There is a clear understanding between both sides as to where this is probably headed.”

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