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Los Angeles Kings Expected to Be In on Jack Eichel Trade Talks

The Los Angeles Kings are a team that could be a big player for Jack Eichel this offseason. That said, what are they willing to give up?

As per Frank Seravalli of TSN, expect the Los Angeles Kings to make a play to acquire Jack Eichel from the Buffalo Sabres this offseason. The TSN Insider Trading panel discussed what the future looks like for Eichel and while Pierre LeBrun stressed that Eichel’s camp hasn’t officially asked for a trade, the consensus seems to be that he’ll be moved an his comments from Monday are about all the Sabres probably need to know he wants out.

The insiders mentioned there were a number of teams that could make some noise on the Eichel rumor mill, among them the Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, and Anaheim Ducks. But, Seravalli says the Kings will be a team to watch closely here.

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Seravalli suggested the the Sabres will do their best to avoid trading Eichel to a division rival and might try to send him as far away as possible. That opens up the probability that a team like the Kings might have a better shot at Eichel. Seravalli explains:

“The Los Angeles Kings have seven players on Craig Button’s Top 75 affiliated prospect list, they have the goods to bring a guy like Jack Eichel to SoCal, and more importantly, they’ve had interest. I can tell you that the Kings have had a cursory conversation before the deadline with the Buffalo Sabres about acquiring Jack Eichel and I expect that to pick up in big way this summer.”

Who Might The Kings Make Available

The top of Buffalo’s wish list if a trade does get discussed is probably Quinton Byfield, but that’s a pretty steep price to pay. It’s more likely the Kings would look towards names like Alex Turcotte or Gabriel Vilardi. The downside here, and as was written by The Athletic, “It’s unlikely the Kings could get a deal done with some combination of Gabriel Vilardi, Alex Turcotte and others. And probably in 99 percent of trade talks, if teams are asking for Byfield, Kings general manager Rob Blake is hanging up the phone.”

Jack Eichel Buffalo Sabres
Jack Eichel Buffalo Sabres

But, if the Kings deem it worth considering Byfield in any deal, they’ll need to make sure Eichel is actually healthy. The last thing the Kings want to do is move a prospect who has barely scratched the surface of what he might be able to do for a potential Top 10 center in the NHL with serious neck issues.

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