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Taylor Hall Talks Struggles In Buffalo, Knows Eichel is Frustrated

Taylor Hall spoke about what Jack Eichel might be going through and his own struggles with the Buffalo Sabres.

It’s amazing the 180 Taylor Hall has done with his season since leaving the Buffalo Sabres and joining the Boston Bruins. The winger had two goals and 17 points in 37 games with the Sabres, but now has 14 points in 16 games since joining the Bruins. Clearly, something in the water in Buffalo is off and with news Jack Eichel is frustrated with the team, it’s no wonder insiders are projecting that Eichel will want to be playing elsewhere next season in the hopes he can boost his production like Hall did.

A small sample size to work from, it’s not a guarantee that Hall continues on this pace with the Bruins. There’s a pretty good indication he’ll continue to perform and it’s not likely he reverts back to the lowly production level he had to start the 2020-21 campaign, but the 29-year-old said he doesn’t have an exact reason for his struggles in Buffalo. “I don’t have anyone else to blame for that, for my play in Buffalo. For myself, it just didn’t work out. I came in prepared, I worked hard and for whatever reason, we just didn’t have it. We had a great group of guys; the chemistry in the locker room was great,” Hall said.

In other words, he liked the team and the players but he needed to get out.

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What’s Going on With Eichel?

Eichel is probably feeling the same way as Hall. Hall knows what it’s like to struggle, get a fresh start and produce elsewhere.

Jack Eichel Injury Sabres
Jack Eichel Injury Sabres

He spoke about Eichel’s frustrations with the Sabres and said, “I know Jack is frustrated.” Noting the two became really good friends, he added, “I support him and I know he’s gone through some stuff with the medical staff there and ultimately Jack has to worry about himself.”

Eichel said there was a disconnect between he and the Sabres organization. Hall elaborated on that a little when he noted, “I know he’s got an injury that he feels he can take care of with the surgery and there’s a little bit of a disagreement, but I support Jack and he was nothing but a great teammate and a really good friend when I played with him.”

The belief after Eichel’s media conference yesterday was that the Sabres tried to convince him not to have surgery he wanted and Hall seems to confirm that with his comments. Imagine if that’s the reason he ultimately leaves? Crazy.

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