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Kyle Dubas: Says He’s Maple Leafs GM Next Year or No GM At All

Kyle Dubas isn’t interested in interviewing for other GM positions in the NHL. He’s either the GM of the Maple Leafs or not a GM at all.

According to Chris Johnston of TSN, “Kyle Dubas says he’ll only work in Toronto if he works anywhere next season. It’s been a really difficult season on his family and he needs to be sure that they’re still onboard.” While there is some potential discrepancy into whether that quote was taken verbatim, Pierre LeBrun did follow up with a tweet that noted, “he’s either GM in Toronto or nowhere else this summer. Isn’t interested in interviewing for GMs jobs elsewhere.” In other words, it appears he’s going to take some time to weigh his options, and if the Leafs don’t come running with an extension, he might take some time away from the NHL. “I definitely don’t have it in me to go anywhere else.”

Now, this doesn’t mean he won’t stick with the Maple Leafs or that he won’t pop up elsewhere in the future, but it sounds like this was a trying year for the Maple Leafs’ GM and it was a tough season on his family and he wants time to chat with them to see how they feel about his continuing on with either the Maple Leafs or another team. Perhaps they want him to take some time away. Maybe they want to be outside of a market as high-profile as Toronto’s. There could be a number of factors on the table and Dubas plans to consider them all. That includes a possible promotion beyond just being GM.

Because he said he won’t be popping up elsewhere next week in another GM job, rumors of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ interest are fascinating. Another report by Elliotte Friedman noted, “I think Pittsburgh wants to get this done, so if this whole Dubas and Pittsburgh thing is real then he’s going to need to know quick if what is on the table for Toronto is amenable to him”. Dubas is taking his time, but the Penguins want to get this done.

Kyle Dubas Toronto Maple Leafs rumors
Kyle Dubas Toronto Maple Leafs rumors

Were Dubas’ comments meant to put even more pressure on the Penguins to up their offer? Only Dubas knows and he didn’t comment on the idea of becoming a team President, which is something Pittsburgh might have to put on the table.

The other thing Dubas did clarify in his media avail on Monday was that if he does stick with the Maple Leafs and he is the general manager moving forward, major roster change is possible. “I would take nothing off the table at all,” he said.

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