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Klingberg Plans to Turn 1-Yr Deal with Ducks Into Long-Term Contract

John Klingberg admits that this summer didn’t go as planned, but he’s confident he can turn a season with Ducks into long-term deal.

While he didn’t land the deal he was looking for this summer, offensive-defenseman John Klingberg says he’s focused on using his one-year deal with the Anaheim Ducks as a transitional season into a longer-term deal that will see him get what he wanted when he became an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

Klingberg was looking to hit a home run but acknowledged in a recent interview that the options just weren’t there for him. As a result, he narrowed down his choices from a few short-term offers and went with the Ducks because he believed they offered the best fit for him. Klingberg explained, “Going into free agency, we were looking for long term. That’s not a secret. The market is what it is right now, and we had to switch up the tactics a little bit.”

He then noted that he had a long conversation with Ducks GM Pat Verbeek about the status of the team, where it’s going and where he sees himself. He noted, “Obviously, I’m going to need to have a good season and the team is going to need to have a good season as well. If the team’s successful, I’m going to be successful.” He added, “We’re going to take this year to start off with and see where we’re at.”

What Happens If Klingberg and Ducks Mesh?

It doesn’t sound like there’s been a commitment from the Ducks to extend Klingberg during the season if the blueliner comes in and performs well. It’s not out of the question, but it leaves the door open to a possible deadline deal if Klingberg intends to test free agency again.

Klingberg noted, “I want to get long-term at the end of the day. Right now, I’m signing (for) one year at Anaheim and we’re going to have to take it from here. I can’t focus on what’s going to be there in one year. It has to be this season.”


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