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Klingberg Led Emotional Scrum About Maple Leafs Playing Future

John Klingberg addressed his playing future and there’s speculation he might not return to the Toronto Maple Leafs this season.

According to Chris Johnston of The Athletic and the Leafs Report podcast, Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman John Klingberg might not return to the team this season. During a recent episode of the show, Johnston was asked if he was hearing anything about the Leafs might do with their cap space issues and need to improve the roster and noted that Klingberg led an emotional scrum about his inability to play while the team was in Sweden. From there, it sounds like there’s doubt he may return.

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Johnston said, “The Klingberg situation is tough. He’s tried to play through his injury… it’s not to say he won’t continue to, obviously the results haven’t been good, he can’t move as well on the ice as he once did when he had his best seasons.” Johnston added that Klingberg doesn’t have much security on a one-year deal with the Leafs. “Apparently his issues were made even worse by being on a couple of long flights.”

John Klingberg Maple Leafs injury

He says that he’s not sure where this all ends up because Klingberg is proud, but he’s starting to come to terms with the fact this might be it. Johnston noted:

“He gave an emotional scrum, actually while we were in Stockholm talking about how he so badly wants to play again and get to spot where he can do that. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to. To me, that’s the big question.”

If Klingberg Can’t Play, The Maple Leafs Have Some Choices

Johnston then said the decision for the Leafs flows from any news about Klingberg’s status. If he can’t return, he’ll likely go to long-term injured reserve (LTIR) and “it might free up some cap space for the Leafs to look at some other things.”

Johnston said he also wonders if Ryan Reaves eventually makes his way to waivers.

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