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Kings Showing Gamesmanship By Messing With Oilers During Practice?

There’s some buzz Friday afternoon as the Edmonton Oilers went to take the ice for their morning skate today while the lights in the arena were still off and the nets were not in place prior to the road team’s practice getting underway. TSN’s Ryan Rishaug tweeted out, “Arena staff won’t give the Oilers the nets or turn the lights on.”

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Minutes later, the Oilers did have nets to shoot at and lights in which to see what they were doing, but the Oilers had a little fun with the speculation as they posted a series of photos from practice and joked, “Great lighting in here,” obviously alluding to the fact it would have been tough to take photos in the dark.

Of course, reactions to the tweets have been interesting. Some are suggesting this is the Kings playing games with the Oilers. Others suggest the arena staff are just doing their jobs and waiting to put the nets near the crease for the water that pooled from the Zamboni to dry — although, that doesn’t exactly explain the lights not being on. Some have suggested the Oilers might have been early, while others think this is a bad look for the Kings.

Either way, this is the playoffs, and things like this are known to happen. The Colorado Avalanche left the score on the score clock for the Nashville Predators to see when they took the ice for practice after a Game 1 blowout. Even the Kings and Oilers have an informal agreement between the coaches not to watch each respective team’s practices.

The likelihood is that this was not much more than a miscommunication of some kind or an exaggeration of what was actually going on as the Oilers took the ice for their first practice on the road and ahead of Game 3. That said, it makes the first-round matchup a lot more fun when there’s a narrative in the background that teams are being chippy and trying to take any competitive advantage they can, even when the game isn’t actually taking place.

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