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Justin Bourne Says: I Didn’t Like the Maple Leafs Vs. the Senators

The Toronto Maple Leafs pulled out a win against the Ottawa Senators, but he simply thought they didn’t play well enough. How come?

When former player and Toronto Marlies assistant coach Justin Bourne joined Sportsnet Central to talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ overtime win over the Ottawa Senators, he talked about why he wasn’t impressed with the Maple Leafs overall play despite the fact that they got the win.

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Bourne couldn’t have been more clear about what he thought about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ 3-2 overtime win over the Ottawa Senators on Thursday night. “I didn’t love their game,” he reported.

Reasons for His Assessment of the Maple Leafs’ Play

Ottawa was coming off back-to-back and should have been tired. On the other hand, the Maple Leafs have had more rest than they’ve had all season. So, what you saw was “basically full power Leafs.” So, going into overtime with Ottawa? He “didn’t think that’s great.”

Maple Leafs Jack Campbell

Bourne noted that he didn’t “care that they (the Maple Leafs) controlled the play and they should have won an expected goals.” It also didn’t matter because, as he simply said that’s “not a good enough outcome for me.”

Bourne Noted that the Game Reminded Him about Why the Maple Leafs Lost to the Blue Jackets

As he went on to say in the video, it wasn’t good enough that they “got the two points against Ottawa and happy didn’t even get to a shootout.” But he also repeated that it simply “is not good enough … it kind of reminded me of how they looked against Columbus in in the summer time to be honest where they just didn’t get to be inside.”

The Maple Leafs Just Didn’t Get to the Dangerous Areas

Bourne admitted that the Maple Leafs “controlled play a lot, but they just didn’t get to the dangerous areas often enough for my liking.”

In short, he also suggests that Matthews was good in the overtime and that goalie Jack Campbell did what he was supposed to do. However, his short assessment of the Maple Leafs’ play was thumbs down for him.

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