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John Scott Recants Incorrect Remarks About Corey Perry Incident

Former NHL player and now podcast host John Scott recants statements he made this week about the Corey Perry incident in Chicago.

Former NHL forward John Scott is backtracking on comments he made this week regarding the Corey Perry incident that caused the veteran forward to have his contract terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks. Suggesting that Perry had too much to drink one night and made an inappropriate move on an NBC employee, Scott has completely recanted his statement, apologizing for misleading his podcast listeners and not being careful with his words.

John Scott Corey Perry Oilers Blackhawks

Scott got a lot of attention on Tuesday because he appeared to be the one person with inside information on what allegedly happened that led the Blackhawks to cut ties with Perry. Now signed with the Edmonton Oilers, he’s trying to start fresh and be better. The Oilers looked into the situation and while they felt comfortable with how Perry has sought help for alcohol issues, even GM Ken Holland revealed he didn’t have all of the information. Speculation was that perhaps whatever Perry did wouldn’t have been viewed as a huge issue with another organization, but considering the Blackhawks franchise history over the past few years, they wanted to severe all ties with anything deemed remotely inappropriate.

It’s still not clear if Perry is going to contend his contract termination with the league.

Scott Seemingly Revealed The Alleged Perry Incident

So, when Scott spilled the beans on his podcast Dropping the Gloves, he seemed to be downplaying the incident. He made it sounds like he knew exactly what happened. Scott said of Perry, “He made a mistake in Columbus one night,” Scott, who also works on the NBC Sports Chicago broadcast team, said. “He drank too much and he made a pass at a staff member who worked for NBC.”

Scott has either realized the storm those statements caused, or he was contacted by someone who gave him an earful. Either way, he released a follow-up, noting that he was wrong. He added that he was reckless in his comments, and didn’t mean it to come across as it did to listeners. Scott used his social media platform to retract what he had said, apologizing for false and misleading statement regarding Perry.

He noted:

“On my podcast this week I made a false and misleading statement regarding former Blackhawk Corey Perry. It was an off-the-cuff remark that is completely unfounded and not true. It was a poor choice of words and I’ll try to be more careful in the future.”

Perry Isn’t Talking About It, Wants to Move On

What happened isn’t clear but the NHL has told Perry he’s fine to return to the league, the Oilers are good with his explanation and his actions since the incident and everyone is trying to move forward. This is not to discount whatever happened, but until that information comes to light, if it ever does, the player and his new team are in agreement that it’s time to play hockey.

That’s not to say other teams weren’t concerned. In a recent episode of the Kyper & Bourne Show on Sportsnet, Kypreos mentioned Toronto as a team that passed on the opportunity to sign Perry and that the uncertainty surrounding undisclosed details about Perry’s situation in Chicago seemed to be a key factor in their reservations. He said other teams had the same concerns.

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