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Jets’ Hellebuyck Calls NHL’s Decision to Break Early “Overkill”

The Winnipeg Jets’ goalie Connor Hellebuyck called the NHL’s decision to break early for Christmas “overkill.” What did he mean?

The Winnipeg Jets’ goalie Connor Hellebuyck is frustrated at the league. He expressed that frustration last Tuesday after the NHL decided to go into its Christmas holiday break early. 

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Everyone Sees the Problem; But What’s the Solution?

It’s obvious there’s a problem for all professional sports leagues. With players in such close contact as they compete, it’s bound to happen. When one player is positive for COVID-19 – especially with the largely asymtomatic Omicron variant – it can easily spread to other players. And, it has.

COVID-19 cases are piling up across the NHL. Some teams, for example, the Toronto Maple Leafs, have currently 12 players and coaches on the COVID-19 protocols. As a result of the fact that currently up to 20 percent of all NHL players have tested positive for COVID-19 and are on the NHL protocols, the league decided to extend the holiday break and postpone more games.

However, other professional leagues have not followed suit. The National Football League and the National Basketball Associate have continued to play, but have provided ways to restock teams who are in dire need of players. As well, these leagues too have postponed games as needed. What’s the solution?

Hellebuyck Thinks There’s Another Way

The Jets’ Connor Hellebuyck thinks there must be another way, and he was vocal in saying to. He noted, “It’s a little overkill. You see leagues like the NFL that are adapting and, I think, doing things right.”

However, Hellebuyck noted the positive aspect when he said, “It sucks but it’s Christmas time, use it as a break, see family and enjoy what we have.”

The Solution for Dealing with COVID-19 Isn’t Clear

The NFL has decided that only unvaccinated players and those who experience possible symptoms of COVID-19 will be tested. It’s unclear if the NHL will follow suit, but Canada’s stricter COVID policies could complicate matters.

What happens in the long-run is unknown; however, perhaps the fact that hockey is more of a Canadian-based game likely changes the way it will be operated and rules will be applied. And the United States and Canada have taken different approaches to the issue.

Stay tuned NHL hockey fans. After Christmas the NHL will take another look.

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  1. Mike Reeves

    December 24, 2021 at 4:05 pm

    The jets are all idiots that whine

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