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Jack Campbell News Offers Promise for Oilers Playoff Goaltending

With Jack Campbell’s game rounding into form in the AHL, the Edmonton Oilers might actually have strength in goal as the playoffs start.

Jack Campbell‘s game is starting to come around in the AHL. This isn’t to say that he’s had one or two solid outings, but more a statement of how he’s fared over a bigger sample size of 26 games. After a rough start with the Edmonton Oilers, then another rough start in Bakersfield with the AHL Condors, Campbell looks like he’s found a rhythm. This is good news for an Oilers team that was, at one time, very worried about the combined strength of their goaltending during the playoffs.

Despite a couple of rough spurts, Stuart Skinner has played extremely well this season. Meanwhile, Calvin Pickard has played beyond any expectations the team had for him as a backup. Those two playing well might be enough for the Oilers to fare well in the playoffs and go on a run, without concern that they don’t have a legitimate starter to win them games. But, if Campbell continues to round into form, the Oilers have options.

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With a .915 save percentage, he ranks 12th in the AHL this season among goaltenders. Is it enough to warrant labeling Campbell as the go-to savior for the Oilers if Skinner and Pickard hit a rough patch? No, probably not. But, if Campbell continues to make strides and up those numbers, the Oilers shouldn’t be afraid to give him a call if the need arises.

Campbell Is Streaky, But Good When He’s On

What’s particularly exciting for the Oilers is that Campbell has been better than good of late. He has won four of his last five games and has an average save percentage of .944 over those victories. Those are strong numbers, even if the disparity between the AHL and NHL is taken into account. And, for Campbell, when he gets hot, he’s tough to beat.

Jack Campbell starting to play well for Oilers’ AHL team the Condors

Campbell’s biggest issue is his brain. He gets in his own way and can be his own worst enemy. When things aren’t going well, the problems compound and become less than an NHL-caliber goalie. But, when he’s feeling his oats, he’s incredibly effective.

The Oilers opted not to do anything at this season’s trade deadline with their goaltending situation. It could turn out that was the right call, especially if the two guys in the NHL stay solid and Campbell is hot and ready to go in the event of an emergency.

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