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Ilya Kovalchuk Contract to be Terminated

A recent report suggests Ilya Kovalchuk’s contract will be terminated by the Los Angeles Kings after his bonus is paid out.

In a matter of days, Ilya Kovalchuk will receive a nice signing bonus as an early Christmas present. After that, he’s going to be fired.

In a manner of speaking.

A report from Igor Eronko of Sport-Express tweeted today that the rest of Kovalchuk’s contract could be terminated after he receives his bonus and the Los Angeles Kings appear to have a desire to wash their hands of the player, even though everything but their hands will be muddied by the money left owing the winger as he moves on, likely somewhere else in the NHL.

Staying in the NHL isn’t a guarantee but it is something Eronko says is the number one priority for Kovalchuk. He’s got a lucrative offer on the table from the KHL but he’d like to stay in North America and get another shot with a different NHL team. He probably will.

The Kings removed Kovalchuk from their lineup a month ago and he’s not played since. It was public knowledge the Kings would pay him his bonus on the 15th but the thought was they’d try to trade him after it was paid out. That appears not to be the case, which we can assume means there were no takers for his contract.

That contract runs through the 2020-21 season and still has more than $4.25 million on it. The Kings are stuck with his cap hit of $6.25 million because the contract being signed after he was 35. No wonder other NHL teams wanted to stay away.

Who Takes a Flyer on Kovalchuk?

Kovalchuk is probably eager to get a shot and will go to a team that appears ready to play him. That will allow him the chance to show he’s still got something in the tank. But who will it be?

Early conversations seem to center around the Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks who were rumored to show interest in him during the free agent period before he signed with LA. The Edmonton Oilers could use more in their top-six and the Maple Leafs could, but have next-to-no money to spend.

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