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Hurricanes Land Jake Guentzel: Full Details Of Multi-Layered Trade

Finalizing a significant trade that was rumored earlier in the day, Jake Guentzel is now officially a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. The deal was finalized following the conclusion of a trade call that took place after the team’s respective games on Thursday night. The Hurricanes defeated the Montreal Canadiens 4-1, while the Pittsburgh Penguins lost to the Washington Capitals 6-0. These two scores are indicative of why the Penguins are selling on Guentzel and the Hurricanes think he makes them a Stanley Cup contender.

The details of the trade involve conditions on the 2024 1st-round pick acquired by Pittsburgh in the deal. If Carolina fails to make it to the Stanley Cup final in 2024, the Penguins will instead receive Philadelphia’s 2nd-round pick in the same year, a pick previously acquired by Carolina. Additionally, the conditions on Carolina’s 5th-round pick in 2024 state that if the Hurricanes do not clinch the Stanley Cup in 2024, the Penguins will not receive this particular draft pick.

The Guentzel Trade and the Return

The trade itself encompasses a significant player exchange:

To Carolina: Jake Guentzel (25% retained), Ty Smith

To Pittsburgh: Michael Bunting, Ville Koivunen, Vasili Ponomarev, Cruz Lucius, conditional 2024 1st-round pick, conditional 2024 5th-round pick.

Jake Guentzel has been officially traded to the Carolina Hurricanes

It’s noteworthy that no contract extension discussions are currently underway for Jake Guentzel after the completion of this trade between the Hurricanes and the Penguins. According to reports, there was no permission was granted to talk about an extension prior to the deal. Instead, Carolina hopes to integrate Guentzel into the team before initiating contract discussions.

Dubas and Michael Bunting Reunited

Michael Bunting, who is headed to Pittsburgh as part of the trade, is described as a middle-six complementary winger that GM Kyle Dubas knows well from their time together in Toronto. Known for his ability to create scoring opportunities, especially when paired with the right linemates, Bunting is also recognized for his effective forechecking.

Despite his strengths, he didn’t find a perfect fit in Carolina this season, particularly in the defensive aspects of the game. Perhaps Dubas believes he can find his scoring touch again and mesh with some of the Penguins’ core four.

This trade marks a significant move for both teams, with Carolina securing the talents of Guentzel and Smith, while Pittsburgh adds multiple players and draft picks to their roster. The conditions on the picks add an intriguing layer to the deal.

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