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Henrik Lundqvist Teasing Comeback, But Is He Medically Cleared?

Henrik Lundqvist is teasing an NHL comeback, but is he actually close to making a return? If so, where would he land?

Veteran goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is teasing an NHL comeback, but there are a few things that will go into his situation before it is determined whether or not that comeback has any realistic chance of happening. A goaltender who was forced to leave the game with heart complications, it’s certainly not a slam dunk he’ll be offered a job or would even be allowed to accept one in an on-ice role.

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Let’s start this out by saying, we’d love to this comeback actually happen. Still, as much as a Lundqvist return to the NHL would be a wonderful story, the fact that he posted a photo of his pads, talked about how often he’s tied and untied them and added, “Back at it, we’ll see what happens”,… It doesn’t mean the NHL will go for a Lundqvist return or that he’ll be medically cleared to accept a contract from an NHL club. As recently as the opening of free agency, Lundqvist was not cleared. And, from what we understand, a couple of NHL teams asked.

His social media feed was flooded with good luck wishes. Still, he didn’t mention how his comeback attempt might be coming along, if there were teams he was even looking at (or teams still looking at him) and how far away he might be from a return, if one were possible.

Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers NHL
Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers NHL

This won’t be his first attempt at a comeback. After signing with the Washington Capitals last season, he was forced to leave the team to undergo open-heart surgery. Lundqvist tried to make a comeback this past April, saying it was his “stretch goal” to join the Capitals for the end of the season.” While his training was going well, he added, “heart isn’t quite ready.”

He’s posted videos of him training and plenty of photos to suggest we not forget that he’s got a goal in mind. But, the technical stuff and the medical information isn’t out there to know for sure if he’s able to make this return a reality.

Swan Song With the Rangers?

It’s not clear where Lundqvist would go if he was cleared. The belief was that the veteran netminder wanted to sign for the upcoming season which would suggest he’s looking at a destination where he could play a regular role. Still, it seems on the surface, like we’re a ways away from that being possible.

If it isn’t, could he return for a one-night appearance with the Rangers and then take an executive job? That seems like a more likely option, but, as Lundqvist points out, “we’ll see what happens.”

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