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Gretzky Talks Chances McDavid Can Hit 100 Points This Season

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player to ever play the game, thnks McDavid has a shot to hit 100 points in a shortened 56-game season.

Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
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If you ask Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player to ever play the game, if a player like Connor McDavid has a shot to hit 100 points in a shortened 56-game season, it’s worth weighing his opinion a bit more heavily than others. This is a man who holds countless records and he understands the motivation it takes to achieve a goal that most people figured would be unattainable.

Gretzky scored 92 goals and 215 points in one season and still holds the record for the fastest 50 goals in one season, scoring 50 in 39 games. He knows a thing or two about doing what others said he couldn’t.

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As such, the fact that Gretzky thinks 100 points is within reach for McDavid is interesting. He recently spoke with Sportnet’s Mark Spector and said about #97: “It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets more than 100 points. Just to show people he’s capable of doing it.”

He added:

What he’s doing is once in a generation, and what he’s doing today is a lot tougher than I did. Although I’m proud of what I accomplished, all the things we did, these players today are coached differently, the equipment is better, they’re coached different. It’s tougher to play. I’m the first guy to tell you that.

What McDavid Has to Do

As of right now, McDavid sits atop the NHL standings with 77 points in 45 games. He’s got 11 games to get the additional 23 points he needs. That’s a 2.09 point-per-game pace. Until now, he’s producing at a 1.71 points-per-game clip.

Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers

This means he’ll need to step up a bit each game, which seems like a tall task considering how much he’s produced up to this point in the season. But, stepping up is what McDavid does. Taking over a game and putting an entire team on his back is nothing new for the superstar.

Considering he’s got 12 games in which he’s scored three or more points in the 45 the team has played, scoring between 2 and 3 points per game the rest of the way is not out of reach. And, when you factor in that he’s actually been held points in 10 separate games, if he avoids doing that the rest of the way, 100 is doable.

And, as Gretzky rightly points out. When you count out someone like McDavid, he has a tendency to make you look foolish.

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