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Friedman Predicts Drama Between Marner and the Maple Leafs?

Elliotte Friedman is not a fan of negative salary negotiations. Why does he predict drama between Mitch Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Rumors about Mitch Marner are all over the place. Ironically, it seems that fans (at the same time) can’t get enough of the conversation and want it all to end. Although Elliotte Friedman is among the classiest hockey analysts around, it’s easy enough to read between the lines with his analysis.

I’m guessing that, while he believes Marner is a great hockey player, like many Maple Leafs fans, Friedman has grown tired (and is not looking forward to) of the kind of hostile contract negotiations Marner’s agent engaged in with former Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas. Perhaps things change this season. Logical suggests as much given the negative status Marner currently holds within the fanbase. He moved from golden boy to pariah with his last negative contract squeeze.

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But, then, who would expect logic from this group of combatants?

What Friedman Anticipates This Offseason with Marner

Friedman recently commented about the ongoing situation surrounding Marner and his future with the Maple Leafs. He suggests fans “shouldn’t be surprised if Marner’s situation plays out over the next season in Toronto.”

Friedman’s insight highlights the delicate negotiations between Marner and the Maple Leafs. Both sides aim for a win-win scenario, whether that involves a beneficial trade for the Maple Leafs or strategic use of their cap space. However, several concerns are influencing these negotiations.

The Potential Issues Looming with These Negotiations

Friedman lays out three potential issues that might arise. The first issue is the reaction of the Maple Leafs fans. The team is wary of the fanbase’s reaction if Marner remains unsigned for an extended period. The Maple Leafs are also cautious about making a trade based on emotions, referencing the trade of Nazem Kadri a few seasons ago, which many felt was rushed and (many believe) ultimately regrettable.

Second, the Maple Leafs fear that if Marner were to be traded, he could thrive as a standout player in a “quieter” (less pressure-packed) market. This potential success elsewhere could reflect poorly on the team’s decision to trade him.

Mitch Marner and Brad Treliving negotiations with Maple Leafs could get interesting

Third, both sides have significant demands. If these remain far apart, it could lead to a quick separation. Still, as of right now, Friedman believes a trade is not on the horizon.

The Marner and Maple Leafs Issue is Filled with Nuance

The team’s situation with Marner is complex and multifaceted. The Maple Leafs will have to tread carefully. They must aim to balance their strategic plans for the future, fan expectations, and Marner’s potential future success. While the outcome remains uncertain, the team and Marner’s negotiation process will significantly impact the team’s future.

What happens with Marner will watch closely to see how this situation evolves over the coming season. Will Marner stay in Toronto, or will we witness another significant trade? Only time will tell.

The voice inside my head keeps telling me that, at some point, even a great hockey player becomes too much trouble, and the team might say, “Good riddance.” The recent rumors that Marner will become a burden for the team this season by playing out his contract might be a wise way to make this all go away – for a short time. Or will it only increase the drama?

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