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Flyers Making Contract Extension Progress with Nick Seeler

The Philadelphia Flyers seem like they’re about to sign Nick Seeler to an extension and trade Sean Walker before the trade deadline.

The Philadelphia Flyers are reportedly making strides towards a contract extension with veteran defenseman Nick Seeler. The 30-year-old blueliner has been a pivotal part of the team’s defensive duo alongside Sean Walker, forming one of the league’s most competent two-way pairs. But, as the trade deadline nears, talk that one or both of these defensemen being traded was out there. It appears Seeler is the player the Flyers are going to keep.

Despite being out due to a minor injury after blocking a shot against the St. Louis Blues on Monday night, the Flyers have confidence that Seeler is a useful piece of the roster moving forward. His performance this season has been impressive, contributing to the Flyers’ likely playoff berth. With a team-high 55.9% expected goals share in their 645 minutes together, Seeler and Walker have played a crucial role in the team’s success.

Seeler, once known for his enforcer role with the Wild, has evolved into a multi-competent NHL player since joining the Flyers in 2021. His career-high average ice time of 16:58 per game reflects his growing importance to the team, contributing six goals, 23 assists, and 29 points in 183 games with the Flyers.

How Did the Seeler Extension Come About?

Contract negotiations for both Seeler and Walker have encountered obstacles. According to reports, Seeler is seeking a higher salary than the Flyers may be willing to offer, while Walker desires a longer-term commitment than the team is currently considering. Seeler likely settled on an amount that both sides were happy with and not a huge term. Speculation is that the deal will come in at around $3.3 million per season.

Nick Seeler Flyers

If the Flyers choose to sign Seeler, it likely means they’ve settled into the idea of trading Sean Walker. The ask for Walker was a first-round pick and it’s not clear if the Flyers will get him, but they may believe they have a better shot to do so by moving Walker who has garnered interest.

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