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Evander Kane Likely to Be Suspended by NHL

Reports are that the NHL is likely going to suspend Evander Kane, but not terminate his contract.

While the investigations into Evander Kane’s off-ice activity are still ongoing, the word is the NHL is likely to come down with a ruling in the not-too-distant future. Reports are that the NHL is likely to suspend the forward and once that suspension has been served, he’ll be permitted to rejoin the team and be an active part of the San Jose Sharks’ 2021-22 season.

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As per NHL insider Nick Kypreos, he reports that the NHL “is leaning” towards suspending Evander Kane under Section 18A of the Standard Player’s Contract. For those unfamiliar with that section of the contract, it’s a clause that allows for “Commissioner Discipline for Off-Ice Conduct.” Essentially, the clause empowers Gary Bettman (Commissioner) to fine, suspend, or cancel the contract of any player found in violation.

It is not believe the NHL will cancel the contract of the player unless something drastically serious has been uncovered. Instead, a fine and suspension is likely. From there, Kane can appeal the decision and go through the appeal process. Kypreos did not believe Kane’s contract was in danger of being terminated by the league or by the Sharks.

Can Kane Get Back on Track in the NHL?

Kane has been the subject of a great deal of discussion over the past many weeks. He was accussed of betting on NHL games, including ones he was involved with. The league found there was no evidence to support such allegations. He was then accused of misconduct towards his estranged ex-wife who has brought multiple allegations towards him and publicly. Finally, he was accused of using a fake COVID card.

Evander Kane San Jose Sharks UD
Evander Kane San Jose Sharks UD

For the player, it will be important he find a way to get back to focusing only on the game of hockey and making nice with his teammates, many of whom are reportedly not keen on the idea of him returning. He’s a productive player when he’s on his game and had one of his best individual seasons ever, but there’s a lot going on that is causing a distraction and the Sharks are a team that not a lot of insiders have much hope for when it comes to competing for a playoff spot.

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