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Evander Kane Grievance With Sharks Takes Place Today

Evander Kane’s hearing with the San Jose Sharks to determine if he’s owed any of the $22 million outstanding on his contract was today.

Multiple reports, including one from Jason Gregor of TSN 1260, note that Evander Kane’s grievance hearing with the San Jose Sharks was set to take place at 10:30 am today and that Kane was away from the Edmonton Oilers while in New York for a meeting. The hearing was to discuss and determine the amount, if any, that Kane would get from the San Jose Sharks after his contract was terminated earlier this season.

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Kane is arguing that he is still owed some of the $22 million that was still outstanding on his deal when the Sharks terminated it. There is precedence for a player to be paid in a grievance such as this. Mike Richards was owed $21 million by the Los Angeles Kings when his contract was terminated and an arbitrator decided he would get 50% of the outstanding amount ($10.5 million). It was spread out over 15 years.

Evander Kane Oilers
Evander Kane Oilers

Kane contends he didn’t do anything that would warrant the Sharks terminating his deal. While there are reports he illegally traveled over the border while positive with COVID, he was not suspended for punished by the NHL for such an action. He was suspended for filing a fake vaccination card, time he spent on the sidelines before he signed with the Oilers as a UFA.

Speaking of the Oilers, if Kane were to be awarded some of the $22 million, it would be good news. One of the issues Edmonton is going to have is in trying to find a way to keep Kane on the roster after this season comes to a close. He’s been a tremendously effective player for the team and meshed well with Connor McDavid. There is talk the Oilers would like to keep him, but if he’s not guaranteed any money from the Sharks, he could seek the highest offer in free agency this summer. Should he be awarded money in his hearing, he might be willing to give the Oilers a more team-friendly discount to stay.

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