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Could Oilers Catch a Break From the NHL on Oscar Klefbom?

The Edmonton Oilers will be awaiting NHL news regarding the status of career-ending injuries. It could affect Klefbom’s expansion status.

TSN 1260’s Jason Gregor posted an interesting update when it comes to the status of Edmonton Oilers’ defenseman Oscar Klefbom. There was talk some time ago about the severity of Klefbom’s injuries and what that might mean for the Oilers plans headed into the NHL Expansion Draft. Would they have to protect him? Would they not? There’s been more news on that situation.

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Gregor notes that the NHL will likely be prorating the number of games missed for players with career-ending injuries. There’s a chance that Klefbom’s long-term injury will qualify and the NHL is looking into things, potentially affecting the defenseman’s status for the NHL Expansion Draft.

Gregor noted that in the past, “Players with potential career-ending injuries who have missed more than the previous 60 consecutive games would be exempt from selection.” The NHL might move that number down to 41 games due to a shortened season and that Klefbom’s case was one that could be reviewed by the league. It then becomes a matter of whether or not the defenseman’s injury is potentially “career-ending”. If Klefbom is ruled exempt, this is huge break for the Oilers and it might change their plans for the draft.

Timeline on Klefbom’s Injury Still Unclear

Oilers GM Ken Holland seemed to hint that how long Klefbom will be out of the lineup isn’t entirely known. He said, “Oscar is planning on having surgery and then we can find out what the odds are of him coming back and what would the timeline be.”

Oscar Klefbom Edmonton Oilers defenseman

For the Oilers, there is more to the Klefbom situation than just the expansion draft. Holland said, “It isn’t just about the NHL giving us direction (expansion draft), but also what the doctor says if he can play and how long rehab will be.”

Obviously, this will be something Oilers fans will monitor as it suggests the team might choose to leave Klefbom unprotected, the team might not have to or they will protect the blueliner, thus leaving exposed another defender with some strong potential upside.

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