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Debate Over Coyotes’ Announcer Applauding Beagle Attack on Troy Terry

Opinions vary on both what Jay Beagle did to Troy Terry in the Ducks vs Coyotes game and how announcer Tyson Nash reacted.

During Friday’s game between the Arizona Coyotes and Anaheim Ducks, a skirmish broke out in front of the Coyotes’ net, one that saw forward Troy Terry unwillingly engaged in a fight where Jay Beagle of the Coyotes attack him numerous times. Beagle was furious that Trevor Zegras would point for a loose puck in a 5-0 nothing game and Coyotes’ announcer Tyson Nash said, “That’s the problem with these young players. You wanna embarrass guys? You wanna skill it up? You better be prepared to get punched in the mouth.”


The comments have been a huge topic of discussion Saturday on social media and a number of people have weighed in on something most are calling distasteful comments from Nash that wreak of him being for too old school for today’s game. A game that is being taken over by the skill of players like Zegras, Nash sounds incredibly bitter that young players like Zegras have the ability to make the game look so easy at times.

Reactions to his comments have been mixed, but many have strongly disagreed with Nash’s take.

Zegras was especially upset. After the game he said, “You don’t punch a guy when he’s down. Especially a 32-goal scorer in the NHL who is a superstar… It’s humiliating, and I think he should be f—— punished.”

Others Weigh In On Beagle’s Actions and Nash’s Comments

Hailey Salvian of The Athletic writes, “If Trevor Zegras and Troy Terry are embarrassing you….That’s a you problem. Seriously. If you don’t like the Michigan, don’t lose a guy behind the net. Maybe backcheck or something?? Don’t cross-check the guy after the whistle because he “skilled it up.”

If you don’t have the wherewithal to know that the game is in the bag and embarrassing the other team probably isn’t a great idea, then ya, you’d better be ready to justify your actions.

Sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown) writes:

I don’t think Jay Beagle did anything here that dozens of other guys wouldn’t do, but that’s the problem and I think I’d be absolutely fine with the NHL suspending him something ridiculous like ten games just to send the message that this garbage ends here.

Scott Wheeler writes:

Went in search of the Beagle-Terry clip after seeing Zegras’ comment, because I hadn’t watched the game, and then came across this from the Coyotes broadcast and holy moly I’m not sure if Beagle or the guys in the booth come out worse. Dinosaurs.

Zegras Beagle Terry
Zegras Beagle Terry – Coyotes Ducks fight

Frank Seravalli writes, “Yikes. Translated: “Because you’re skilled, you deserve to get punched in the mouth.”

Linda Cohn of ESPN writes:

This is prehistoric thinking. It’s not 1974. Young skilled players like the @AnaheimDucks Trevor Zegras, Troy Terry and Sonny Milano don’t need to be taught a lesson. It’s the dinosaurs that need to get educated and understand it’s those players that are growing this game.

Others Supporting Nash

There is a small minority of fans who suggested both Zegras and Terry should have known better. Their argument is that pushing to score more in a 5-0 game and “showing up” the Coyotes was bound to turn the game in an ugly direction. Some are saying that Beagle wasn’t necessarily wrong, but Nash is just being bitter.




  1. Roy Peters

    April 3, 2022 at 9:30 am

    The problem with Beagle is the Ducks player did not want to fight and did not have his gloves off anybody who supports this type of behavior by Beagle is an idiot who should not be announcing any NHL games, the announcer should be fired and realize that the NHL is not supported in Arizona, the reason is the actions by players like Beagle and Tom Wilson.

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