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Deadpool 2 Shatters R-Rated Opening Weekend Record

Deadpool 2 has set new records for an R-Rated film. How has it done internationally? Read more to find out.

Deadpool 2 opened this weekend and it quickly reached blockbuster status setting a box office record for an R-Rated film overseas. The second installment of the anti-superhero franchise, starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was a highly anticipated film after the success of the first film which was meant to appease a more hardcore fan. The sequel, while still raunchy and not for everyone, was expected to reach much loftier heights and it succeeded.

Bolstered by the $132.4 million that the film made domestically in its opening three-day frame, Deadpool made an additional $132.3 million in its debut in foreign territories, ending its weekend with a global cume of $264.7 million. Some may be surprised by the financial success of the film considering Avengers: Infinity War, was still a steady money grabber having earned over $1.8 billion in global ticket sales to date. But, Deadpool 2 wisely piggybacked off the promotion for the Marvel powerhouse film and audiences clearly decided to see both films. Combined with the film’s domestic take, Deadpool 2 grossed more than $300 million this weekend.

Box Office Pro has Deadpool 2 setting the record for an R-rated movie opening overseas this weekend with an estimated $176.3 million. This is $44 million more than the first installment made and more than the previous record-holder, Logan in 2017. Logan had raked in $160 million in its first three days. What makes this even more impressive is that Deadpool 2 did not open in the traditionally lucrative Chinese film market. Instead, it relied on the U.K., South Korea, and Russia. Early estimates were that the film might reach $100 million, but the actual numbers blew those estimates away.

Does this mean that a Deadpool 3 might be on the way? It doesn’t sound like it, but money changes an awful lot of things and fans would surely hope so as the second film has been met with wonderful reviews from most of the folks who have seen it.

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