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NHL Executive Sees Flyers and Flames Fit Before Trade Deadline

Could the Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers be among the few teams where a big-name player-for-player trade makes sense?

Flyers and Flames trade talk NHL

In a recent article, Craig Custance of The Athletic posed a series of trades to different NHL executives. As you might imagine, most of those trades were turned down. Whether one side was getting fleeced or it didn’t make sense for another side financially, there was often at least one good reason why a trade between two teams seemed decent on the surface, but really wasn’t viable when examined more closely.

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At least six or seven trade scenarios were thrown out that different execs found issue with. One, however, seemed to be winner when presented. There was still a little bit of work that needed addressing before it was given the true green light from both sides, but in theory, it was a deal that not only worked upon first look, but still made sense when dissected.

That trade was between the Philadelphia Flyers and Calgary Flames and it posed that the Flames would trade Johnny Gaudreau and a second-round pick go to the Flyers for Travis Konecny and a fifth-round pick.

The NHL executive this was proposed to said:

“Great one. That’s a great one. I think you have a deal. The reason is, there’s tons of room for Johnny in Philadelphia. Konecny fits into what Calgary is doing. The question to me is: Is Philly comfortable trading for Gaudreau when they have a great shot at him in free agency (in 2022)? Philly being just outside the playoffs today, this might help them get in the playoffs. The beauty is you get Johnny now and you can sign him. If they’re on the outside looking in, this is the offensive shot in the arm.”

Do You Agree This Trade Might Work?

It’s an interesting proposal for many reasons. First, Gaudreau has long-been linked to the Flyers. The player himself has said he doesn’t want to leave Calgary, but most insiders believe if it comes time to sign in free agency, Gaudreau will look to Philadelphia before anyone else. Second, the Flames are rumored to be ready to shake things up a little.

Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames
Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames

With a coaching change already having been made, there’s been a ton of speculation that the Flames core are not going to get it done come playoff time (assuming they get there). Specifically, Gaudreau has struggled in that regard. Konecny hasn’t played a ton of playoff games but he’s been semi productive. More than that, he’s signed for less money than Gaudreau and he’s got plenty of time left on his current deal.

For the Flyers, Gaudreau is less of a gamble as a UFA if the team knows he wants to sign there. He’s also a legitimate regular season points producer.

What say you? Would you do this deal?

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  1. Hello

    March 21, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    Yea cause konecny is equal value to Johnny. Very stupid trade

  2. Diesel

    March 22, 2021 at 1:13 am

    It’s a wash! Both players seem to have problems between the ears!

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