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Could Boston Bruins Find a Taker for David Backes?

Two media insiders are reporting the Boston Bruins might have options when it comes to trading veteran forward David Backes and both expect him to move over the next 10 days.

You wouldn’t think there would be much of an appetite for a $6 million aging forward who hasn’t played since being shipped out, but former Bruins forward David Backes is attracting some attention around the NHL, according to a couple of NHL reporters and insiders.

Since being waived last month, Backes hasn’t touched the ice in a professional capacity. He was to report to the Providence Bruins but he and the NHL club who owned his rights decided it was best he not do so. The Boston Bruins then tried to figure out their next steps, paying Backes not to simply not play.

Backes, 35, is the type of player who at a third his salary, might be a useful forward for an NHL club, but at $6 million per season and with two seasons left on his current contract, he’s an expensive commitment for a Bruins team looking to improve their top-six depth over the next 10 days. The best option is to clearly move him, even if it takes giving up something of value to do so.

Fortunately, the Bruins might have gotten some promising news on the trade front.

According to Andy Strickland of 590 The Fan in St. Louis, the Bruins may be able to unload Backes by the Feb 24 NHL trade deadline. He did not say which team would be interested but the assumption is an organization like Anaheim or Ottawa or another club willing to take on salary in exchange for some draft picks or prospects is out there.

Strickland writes:

Told that there are teams who have expressed some level of interest in Bruins forward David Backes. Many are on his no-trade list. He’s submitted a list of 8 teams he will accept a trade to. Increases to 15 this summer. Team is keeping him off the ice to avoid potential injury.”

What does that mean if these teams aren’t on Backes’ list? Would he be willing to waive to go where he gets a chance to play? Does he not care because he’s being paid regardless?

Further to that, NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton wrote, “I am expecting Backes to move & a top 6 forward coming back prior to trade deadline.” He notes that recent trades have raised the temperature in the room for teams like the Bruins, Capitals, Lightning and Penguins.

This has become an interesting storyline to watch because it means the Bruins likely have a trade or two in the works and will have to dump some pretty good draft picks or prospects to facilitate a deal. The only deal now is, they need to get Backes to go along with it.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wendy Wheeler-Brackett

    February 14, 2020 at 6:50 am

    Backes has ONE year left on his deal, NOT two.

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