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Christina Aguilera Works With Demi Lovato In Empowering Video

Are Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato back to their best with the new video released today called “Fall In Line?”

There has been high anticipation of the release of Christina Aguilera’s new single “Fall In Line” which was released today (May 23).  The video features Demi Lovato and opens with a baby version of the two singers playing in a field before being kidnapped by two ominous figures in black who take them away, seemingly from whatever lives they both peacefull knew. The video then cuts to an older version of Aguilera sleeping and signing and performing before a series of cameras set up to film her every move.

The two men watch on as they patrol and secure the room, making sure that Christina does her part and nothing is interrupted. Clearly, this is meant to demonstrate the women being held against their will and required to “perform” for a likely unethical audience. She is joined by Lovato who is similarly a victim as the two spend the video trying to break free from their captors suggesting neither is meant to simply ‘fall in line”. Eventually the two break free to make their way back to the field they knew as children. maliciously from a control room.

The video has already reached close to 500k views and the comments range from discussing how these two singers “are back” and this is pure gold to one viewer saying, “They’ve found the light again, this is what I would call “Revenge”: they can’t control us, they can’t stole youth, love and personality from us. First of all we are women and human beings, we have feelings and we are not objects or awards, sometimes we suffer but we MUSTN’T forget. Our past make us even stronger.”

What do you think? Is that a video that shows Christina and Demi are about to be back on top again? What did you think about the song? Is this message one that will resonate with fans?

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