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Washington Capitals

Capitals Trade for Defenseman Joel Edmundson

The Montreal Canadiens trade defenseman Joel Edmundson to the Washington Capitals in exchange for draft picks, while retaining 50% of his cap hit.

In a trade deal between the Montreal Canadiens and the Washington Capitals, defenseman Joel Edmundson has been sent to Washington. Montreal receives a 3rd-round pick and a 7th-round pick in exchange for Edmundson, while the Canadiens retain 50% of his $3.5 million cap hit.

The move showcases a prudent decision by Montreal’s general manager, Kent Hughes. Rather than risking Edmundson’s injury and his value decreasing before the trade deadline, Hughes opted to make the trade now, securing two draft picks in return. This transaction also alleviates any concerns regarding the possibility of Edmundson getting injured and hindering his potential trade value later on.

With this trade, the Washington Capitals bolster their defensive lineup by adding Joel Edmundson to their roster. The Capitals aim to enhance their blue-line presence and further solidify their team as they pursue their goals for the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, the Montreal Canadiens acquire additional draft capital, allowing them to maintain flexibility in building their roster for the future. By retaining 50% of Edmundson’s cap hit, the Canadiens mitigate the financial impact while maximizing their return in draft picks.

As the offseason progresses, both teams will continue to assess their respective rosters and explore further opportunities to strengthen their lineups. The trade involving Joel Edmundson provides a strategic move for both organizations, aligning with their long-term objectives while addressing immediate needs.


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