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Canucks Warned Players There Could Be Roster Changes

The Vancouver Canucks Players have been warned if there are going to be changes, it could include players from the roster.

During the 32 Thoughts segment on Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman noted that the Vancouver Canucks are feeling a bit better about their lousy start after two straight wins, but not all is safe on the roster. The NHL insider notes that management has let the players know that if changes come, it won’t just be coaches who go.

Head coach Bruce Boudreau is being watched closely. His job may be insecure, but the player now know the coach isn’t the only one holding the responsibility for the poor start. Friedman said ”But I think one of the storylines that came out of this was that Vancouver Canucks made it very clear to some of their players that if there were changes made, they wouldn’t just be potentially the head coach.” He adds, ” I heard what they told some players were this, there’s been two coaches now with this group, it isn’t working so far, so if anybody who thinks we’re going to sit back and wait and see the change we’re going to make you might be mistaken and the changes might be with the roster.”

Jim Rutherford Bruce Boudreau Vancouver Canucks

Friedman says I think the players got that message loud and clear, we’ll see where this goes. “…like I said they made it very clear to the players there would be changes on the roster two if the losing continues.”

The Canucks recently traded for defenseman Ethan Bear.

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