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This Season Canucks’ Coach Travis Green Praises Short-Term Memories

The Vancouver Canucks have now lost three games in a row. What advice should their coach give them to help them next game?

The Vancouver Canucks lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night by a 7-3 score. It was the team’s third loss in a row – they had been beaten by the Monteal Canadiens 6-2 on Monday and 5-3 on Tuesday.

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When things are going wrong, it’s tough to get back into a positive space. That’s true for anyone, but perhaps more true if you’re a professional sports team. Now, if you’re an NHL hockey coach, things might be more difficult. When things are going wrong, sometimes it can be like being stuck in the mud.

What Can Coaches Say When Things Are Going Wrong?

Motivation can only go so far. Eventually, the players have to play their way out of the troubles they’re in. To win in the NHL, players have to play well enough and work hard enough. It’s a tough fight.

Sometimes, it seems like the circumstances are stacked up against a team. In fact, that was the way it was for the Canucks on Thursday evening when they played the Maple Leafs. The Canucks were road-weary; the Maple Leafs were rested.

Vancouver Canucks Pettersson, Miller & Boeser

The results showed just that – a fresher Maple Leafs’ team eventually beat down a more ragged Canucks’ squad to the score of 7-3. It was a frustrating loss; but, to survive in this season’s NHL, the Canucks must get past such problems and move on. Next up? Winning Saturday’s game against these same Maple Leafs.

The Canucks: No Choice But to Move On

On Friday, the morning after the loss, head coach Travis Green met with his players to talk about the game. What does Green say to his team? The answer is to think like it’s the playoffs. And the first order of business in the playoffs is to start fresh after a loss. Simply wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

In the video below, Vancouver Canucks head coach Travis Green assesses his teams struggles and what needs to happen in order to crawl out of the slump they’re in.

Green noted, “It’s the kind of season where you have to be honest with yourself as a team. We’ve talked a lot about it with our group. And that’s not a surprise with our team.”

Green then noted, “It’s assessing how you play individually, how you play as a group, taking responsibility for it in areas that we need to be better as a team and as a group.”

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Just Like Playoff Hockey: Good to Have Short-Term Memory

Finally Green noted, “And also having short-term memory, a lot like playoff hockey … it’s a shorter season, you have to be able to manage the highs and the lows. And every day is about getting ready to play the next game. We want to be better today, to be better tomorrow.”

Can the Canucks wipe the slate clean and give the Maple Leafs a game tonight? Fans of both teams will find out soon enough.

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