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Canucks Getting Calls on Pettersson, Contract Talk a Distraction

No contract talks between the Vancouver Canucks and Elias Pettersson has led to the team is getting trade calls and a distraction.

The Vancouver Canucks are facing a looming decision with star center Elias Pettersson‘s contract status, with an eight-year, $96 million deal reportedly on the table. While the Canucks have expressed their eagerness to sign Pettersson long-term, the player seems in no rush for in-season negotiations, preferring to focus on his performance and the team’s success. That hesitation is starting to create concerns in Vancouver. One source is saying he’s not so sure Pettersson will re-sign long-term and this has all started to become a distraction.

Elias Pettersson Canucks NHL

During the recent 32 Thoughts podcast, Elliotte Friedman addressed a report by David Pagnotta that the Canucks are ready to invest significantly in Pettersson. Friedman reported that an offer of $12 million per season may not be accurate. However, a big money offer is out there, which Pettersson has yet to sign. Pagnotta suggests that the team is patiently waiting for Pettersson’s decision, emphasizing their commitment to paying him his true value.

Pettersson, who is on track for another remarkable season with potentially 100+ points, has the option to commit to an eight-year extension worth $12 million annually. So why hasn’t he done so? The offer has reportedly been on the table since the beginning of the 2023-24 campaign, but Pettersson is taking his time to assess the team’s performance and reevaluate his future in the summer. The Canucks have also shown they are a playoff team. If being competitive was a requirement, the team has done their part.

Is Pettersson Not Interested in Vancouver Long-Term?

The delay in negotiations was said to have less to do with financial concerns but rather Pettersson’s dedication to winning. Last offseason, he halted talks to focus on preparing for this season and contributing to the Canucks’ pursuit of a championship. Now he’s got both, but he’s still not signing.

The Canucks, holding Pettersson’s restricted free agent rights until July 1, aren’t exerting significant pressure. However, recent reports suggest that other NHL teams are expressing interest in Pettersson, prompting calls to Canucks GM Patrik Allvin regarding his availability. They want to know if Vancouver would think about moving him if he’s given an indication he’s not sticking around. The Canucks are telling teams their intention remains to ink him to a deal.

Canucks Have to be Open to a Pettersson Trade

Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal expressed the team’s frustration with the lack of negotiations from Pettersson’s side. While there’s no clear indication that Pettersson desires an exit, the possibility of a trade is now being considered if a long-term deal cannot be reached. Dhaliwal emphasizes the need for Vancouver to thoroughly assess the situation and be prepared for potential trade scenarios. If he doesn’t sign this summer, the team has to think about trading him.

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, don’t expect the Canucks to trade the forward regardless of his decision. If Pettersson isn’t staying, that will be an off-season move. Still, that a deal hasn’t been signed between the two sides has created a distraction the team doesn’t need. Dhaliwal points out that the production level of both the player and the team has slipped in recent weeks. The more national media talk about this, the more it’s likely to remain an issue.

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