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Huge Offer from Canucks Reportedly on Table for Elias Pettersson

According to reports, the Vancouver Canucks have reportedly made a huge offer to Elias Pettersson that he’s yet to accept or decline.

The Vancouver Canucks and star center Elias Pettersson are in no rush to finalize the player’s contractual status (well, at least the player isn’t). Both sides seemed settled with the idea of waiting until the end of the season to address his potential extension, even if the organization would like to have that piece of business taken care of. That could be why reports of a huge tabled offer for Pettersson from the Canucks is out there. It’s an offer that is rumored to have been out there for some time.

According to David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, Pettersson is in no hurry to commit to an eight-year extension offered by the Canucks. Still, the Canucks are rumored to have offered a long-term deal worth at least $12 million per season.

Elias Pettersson’s camp is open to talking, but there seems to be a willingness to slow-play his contract negotiations.

Sources close to the club reveal that the Canucks presented Pettersson with a lucrative eight-year deal at the start of the 2023-24 campaign. Surprisingly, the offer remains on the table, without an indication from Pettersson that he’s going to accept it or decline it. Pettersson’s focus is not solely on getting the most money possible, but on achieving success on the ice. The talented center opted to delay contract discussions last off-season to fully prepare for the current year and contribute to the Canucks’ pursuit of a championship, a decision that appears to be paying off.

No Guaranteed Offer to Pettersson Has Been Confirmed

While Pagnotta seems confident this offer exists, Elliotte Friedman noted during his episode of the 32 Thoughts podcast:

“I don’t have any proof an offer was made. I’m not saying Dave is wrong. But what I do believe is the Canucks have made it very clear to Pettersson they are going to pay him a lot of money. I’ve heard in the 11s, I’ve heard in the 12s. They are willing to do it. They are simply waiting for Pettersson’s go-ahead, which has not come yet.”

Frank Seravalli also noted that he hadn’t heard anything about an offer being official in the twelve at the start of the season. In fact, he would be surprised if that were true.

Friedman did mention that the Canucks have told Pettersson’s camp they are prepared to pay him. While the offer’s status remains unknown, it is evident that the team is committed to retaining the talented center and is not willing to let contractual negotiations jeopardize the relationship.

There’s no pressure from the Canucks’ side either, as they hold Pettersson’s rights until July 1, when he could become a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. Despite this leverage, the team is not applying significant pressure, respecting Pettersson’s desire to focus on the ongoing season. The organization remains confident that the deal is available whenever Pettersson is ready to consider it.

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