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Canadiens Waiting on Alex Romanov, Among Six Teams In Interesting Position

The Montreal Canadiens are being patient with Alexander Romanov who won’t sign yet, but the Canadiens also find themselves in unique company.

Sportsnet’s Eric Engels reports that while Montreal Canadiens would love to get prospect Alexander Romanov signed as soon as his KHL contract expires on April 30, that doesn’t seem likely.

Reports are that even though he’s eligible to sign, he’s not prepared to with so much uncertainty surrounding the standing of the NHL season. Engels writes:

Romanov can sign after his KHL contract ends April 30, but the 20-year-old wants to make sure he doesn’t sit idle. Engels writes:

Alex Romanov won’t sign before we know what’s happening with the 19-20 season. He’ll sign once we do, but not before then. Obviously wants an opportunity to avoid an extremely long period without playing, if possible. So, if you had May 1 circled, just be patient.

Meanwhile, this season may be uncertain, but more and more it looks like next season’s salary cap won’t rise. If so, the Canadiens were listed as one of six teams in a prime spot to take advantage of a flat salary cap.

Luke Fox of Sportsnet wrote a piece looking teams who are most able to take advantage of the financial situation facing the NHL and noted the Canadiens have extra draft picks in hand and GM Marc Bergevin has been saving his cap space for the right moment. Expectation is that this offseason could be that moment.

With only a couple players (Max Domi among them), they also have 14 picks in the 2020 NHL Draft, including 10 in rounds two through five. Bergevin has a lot of options and with a signed Alex Romanov possibly joining the team and playing right away, the Canadiens could be poised for a big turnaround.

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